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Social Bookmark Service

Social Bookmarking Strategy – Refined and Redefined!

Social bookmarking strategy still holds the same importance as it did in past. Matt Cutts Comment on Social BookmarkingThis bookmarking is the best strategy for those who consider ranking as an important factor. As said by Matt Cutts, when ranking a website, signals that emit from the social bookmarking sites have much high value.

What’s unique about our manual social bookmark service


You can get a number of online bookmarking services. It is a very wrong opinion that anyone having a list of websites is able to do social bookmarking. Understanding prevailing principals of social bookmarking sites is essential and we do it well. Various means of social bookmarking are not too complex but a thorough knowledge of the process and its reciprocation is required. But you should also note that with the present era where search engines are no less than highly efficient bots, even a silly mistake can cause severe damage to your site. However, a professional consultant may help you in getting desired results without slightest chance of risks. Here we give a brief idea of how we work:

Google Penguin safe Google Penguin Safe

  • We provide pages with good ranks
  • To make sure complete Google Penguin safety we do not include sites that belong to class C IP networks
  • Appropriate social bookmarking sites are used. You won’t find your site bookmarked in any random profit oriented sites, which is an effective social bookmarking SEO technique
  • To keep your website links active, we frequently update the site list
  • Social bookmarking of all the sites is done manually by bookmarking experts to prevent any over optimization disadvantage

Online bookmarking service - Google Panda safe Google Panda Safe

When different people divvy information related to your websites in different social sites, it is known as social bookmarking. We make it a practice to understand rapidly changing paradigms to monitor and practice safe promotions. Derivatives of genuine promotions do not get affected with changed algorithms of search engines as we focus on all ethical means in gradual speed which is highly acceptable to search engines. Search engines ultimately respect quality of service to the users. We take care to adhere to their regulations for safe promotions which last long. If you are in search of social bookmarking through multiple accounts, then you are at the right place. We offer number of user accounts (all clean and famous) in popular SBM sites. Your websites are bookmarked with different accounts every week. To ensure high quality service we use four distinguished urls in a month with four new titles and description. We even provide a dedicated and unique social bookmarking account exclusively and you can have complete control of the account. We strive to provide optimum results with gradual organic promotion at social bookmarking sites, which in turn offers substantial organic results and excellent architecture of solid back links.

  1. Social Bookmark Service 100

    Social Bookmark Service 100


    25bookmarks distributed per week

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  2. Social Bookmark Service 150

    Social Bookmark Service 150


    35 bookmarks distributed per week

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  3. Social Bookmark Service 60

    Social Bookmark Service 60


    Manual submissions

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